UConn Physics

Welcome to UConn Physics 1201Q. Here you will
find your summer assignment. Here’s what you do:

1. If you didn’t pick it up from me before school ended, print out the summer packet.

2. Watch the videos named Syllabus part 1 and Syllabus part 2. It’s the course syllabus. The written course syllabus is in the packet. Follow the written syllabus along as you watch the video. (If the video is too small right click, then click save as to download the video.Watch it from a player on your computer.)

3. Watch videos named MKS part 1 and MKS Part 2. It’s about the mks system which is the standard set of units that are used to measure amounts in science. As you watch the video, fill out the worksheet called The mks System in the packet.

4. Watch the videos named Unit conversions part 1 and Unit conversions part 2. It’s about converting units. After you watch the video, complete the Working With Units Practice Problems worksheet in the packet.

5. There is no video for scientific notation, but you are already familiar with it from Chemistry and other previous science classes. Fill out the worksheet called Scientific Notation.

The three worksheets are due on the second day of class.

There will also be a short quiz on the second day of class. On this quiz, you should:

  1. Be able to convert numbers between decimal and scientific notation, and perform arithmetic with numbers in scientific notation. You can use your calculator on the quiz.
  2. Have a sense of the length of a millimeter, centimeter, meter, and kilometer; and of the mass of a gram and a kilogram.
  3. State the number associated with the prefixes giga, mega, kilo, milli, micro, nano, and centi.
  4. Be able to convert distances, times, speeds, areas, and volumes from one set of units to another set of units. You may use your calculator, and the Table of Conversions in the packet on the quiz.
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