Education in visual art is essential for all students. As one of the last disciplines where students use their hearts, hands, and minds together, art education bridges the gap between thought and production. Art provides fun experiences that build self-esteem, and requires higher order thinking skills while stimulating the creative process.

Art is a universal language, through which students express their ideas, emotions, and opinions visually. While learning about other cultures through art, students become more open and aware of human experiences and universal themes. This enables students to function as responsible citizens in a visually stimulating 21st century, and fosters a life-long love of art.

Art students who learn to think critically and make aesthetic judgments while training their eyes to see beauty begin to understand that art is, in every way, a part of their everyday lives.

What career options might I have with a background in the Arts?

Advertising Design

Graphics Designer

Layout Artist

Production Artist

Broadcast Design/Motion Graphics

3D Animator

AV Production Specialist

Creative Director

Special Effects Designer

Creative Services Coordinator

Business of Art & Design

Gallery Owner/Director

Marketing Analyst

Media Supervisor

Art Appraiser

Consumer Insights Manager

Computer Animation

3D Character Sculptor

3D Lighting Director

Live-Action Animator

Production Rendering

Technical Director

Concept Artist

Dynamics Scripter

Digital Film

Assistant Editor

Assistant Producer

Boom Operator

Dialogue Editor

Film Editor


Production Coordinator

Photography &
Digital Imaging

Aerial Videographer

Broadcast Photojournalist

Continuity Photographer/TV

Darkroom Technician

Digital Imaging Technician

Director of Photography/Film

Portrait Photographer Interior
Lighting Designer

Tradeshow Designer

Game Art & Design

2D Pixel Artist/Games

3D Artist/Mobile Games

Cinematic Animator

Game Systems Designer

Morphing Artist

Graphic & Interactive


Acrobat Specialist

Art Book Designer

Billboards and Signage Artist

Digital Production Artist

Flash Developer

Corporate Marketing Designer


Advertising Comp/
Layout Artist

Costume Designer

Creative/Fashion Director

Editorial Cartoonist

Biomedical Illustrator

PhotoShop Artist

Set Designer/TV/Film

Marketing Artist

Interior Design

3D Rendering Specialist

Design & Merchandising

Exhibition Designer

Fabric Designer

Fine Arts (painting, printmaking,

sculpture, ceramics)

Exhibiting/ Studio Artist



Art Courses

The art program consists of visually oriented activities, which incorporate craftsmanship and beauty in personal expression. Art courses provide students with opportunities to become skilled in expressing ideas visually, and to gain understanding of the tradition of image making, and of the power of visual language. In applying principles involving line, shape, form, color, value and texture, new awareness and expression evolves. Students learn that personality, feelings and emotions are as important as knowledge and ideas to produce effective artwork.


Students have the opportunity to earn college credit for the Technology Studies Pathway (Algebra 2, Chemistry, Design and Communication Skills for the 21st Century). Please see your technology teacher or guidance counselor for more information.

Earn College Credits NOW at BC and BE - in a College Career Pathway (CCP)
Take college courses now The Graphic Design pathway
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…that apply at any State of CT

College or University

High school students can save time and money by taking courses while you're still in high school.

Take all four CCP course groups shown (right) and earn 13 credits towards college.

Ask your guidance counselor for details and about how to enroll in the CCP program so you can start earning college credits now.

Design 1 &

Design 2

(3 cr)

Tunxis equivalent:

GRA-110 Introduction to Computer Graphics

Algebra 2

(3 cr)

Tunxis equivalent:


Intermediate Algebra

Communication Skills

21st Century 1 & 2

(3 cr)

Tunxis equivalent:

COM-100 Introduction to Communication


(4 cr) *

Tunxis equivalent:


Concepts of Chemistry

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