World Languages


Our primary goal is to help all students develop linguistic proficiency and cultural sensitivity in a second language of their choice. We believe that all students can benefit from second language instruction. We recognize that not everyone learns at the same rate or in the same way; nevertheless, we believe that all students should have the opportunity to develop language proficiency to a degree commensurate with their individual abilities. In the 21st century, the need for effective communication and sensitivity to other cultures has become even more important. We believe that the study of more than one language is essential to meeting these global needs.

What career options might I have with a background in World Language?


E-Commerce Developer

International Sales &

Marketing Officer

International Investment

International Banking Officer


Elementary School Teacher

Middle School Teacher

High School Teacher

School Administrator

College Professor

Social Worker


Foreign Service Officer

Intelligence Agent

Customs Official

Court Interpreter



Healthcare worker


Biotechnology Researcher

Software Programmer


Import/Export Agent

Sales & Marketing Manager



Public Relations Specialist




News Commentator

Museums & Galleries

Art Conservator


Museum Director


Travel Agent

Hotel Management

Tour Guide

World Language Courses

  • These elective courses are available to all students.
  • Universities require two or three years of a world language for the 21st Century student. It is strongly recommended that students take at least three years of a world language.
  • Students with prior knowledge of a second language may request a placement test to determine their proficiency and proper entry level into a language course. A grade of "85" or higher will be required for a student to move to the next level of a language.
  • In order to continue to the next level, it is recommended a student obtain at least a final grade of "C" and pass the final exam in any language course.
  • Department recommendation is required for all accelerated courses.
  • Seniors may sign up for level 1 language courses as space permits.


Latin is one of the oldest subjects still taught in high school. We are the heirs of the Romans. Our language is 60% Latin derived. The way we govern and judge ourselves comes from the Romans. In contrast to the modern languages, Latin emphasizes reading comprehension. Students will demonstrate reading comprehension of Latin by translating and answering questions.


The world language program is available to those students who must meet college requirements or who are interested in developing all four skills of language: listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. A four-year sequence is offered in French, Italian, and Spanish. The first two years of language study focus on the vocabulary and grammatical structures needed for daily communication. At the advanced levels, the courses focus on creating longer discourse in writing and speaking and more advanced interactions. At all levels, the study is enriched by materials that help to give the student a rich understanding of the countries and cultures studied in class.

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